Planning Process

Planning Your Move

Planning your move: Being organized and efficient is the best medicine for a smooth transition process. Putting together a timeline and making a budget will help you create the proper expectations during your move. When talking with a City Moving Group agent, we will ask you a survey of questions to help customize your move to work around your schedule. Putting together an items list you want to be transported will be necessary for accurate pricing.

Packing & Preparing: First, you need to decide which items to take and what to leave behind. Packing can be the most lengthy and stressful process of the entire move. An extreme purge can be effectively executed to help reduce the cost of your move and get rid of unnecessary items. We recommend to start the packing process early, little by little, so your not scrambling at the last minute. Ask a City Moving Group agent for our top 10 packing tips!

Pick Up & Delivery: We recommend being present at both pick up and delivery to oversee your items being handled. The movers will call in advance with a 2-hour time period of arrival so you can plan your day accordingly. The movers will also help with disassembly & reassembly of necessary items.

Payments: Please pay the foreman with some sort of certified funds. Cash, certified check or money order is preferred. If you’d like to use credit card please contact your agent in advance.

Moving Tips

Packing can be the most time consuming and expensive part of moving. Here are some key tips to help you be efficient, protect your personal property, and save you money!

1.  Before you start packing, get rid of all your unused items and items you don’t need to take with you. Doing a massive preliminary purge will have the single biggest impact on the efficiency of your packing and on the cost.

2. Before you start packing, put together an ESSENTIALS BAG to ensure you have everything necessary during the transit time.  This includes any medications, important documents, chargers, day-to-day toiletries, and clothes.

3. Usually, you can get free boxes at your local liquor store or super market, but avoid grocery boxes that contained perishables – you don’t want to pack insects!

4. Pack all your delicate and fragile items well ahead of time. These can be the trickiest items to pack properly. Clearly mark all fragile items fragile! Protect fragile items with packing paper, bubble wrap, towels, or blankets. Additionally you can knock out 2 needs by using soft materials like socks, towels, linens to help protect your delicate items.

5. Label your boxes! The key to finding items at your new home is as easy as labeling all your packed boxes accurately and clearly. Writing the room on each box helps you and the movers.  Our mover’s will stage these items on delivery and to be able to direct them would help towards a speedy process.

6. Use small boxes for heavy items and large boxes for lighter items.

7. Use packing tape. Do not confuse packing tape with duct tape.

8. Tackle this job little by little. Avoid the stress of trying to tackle it all at one time.

TV BOXES – We recommend calling your local electronics store (Best Buy). They often have extra boxes they’re happy to give away. Otherwise, go to a Lowe’s or Home Depot and purchase a TV box for around $15.  If you get the box, the movers will pack the TV for you.

MATTRESS COVERS – Cover your mattresses and box springs with plastic mattress covers to protect them during the transit or in storage. We recommend going to Walmart where their sold in the bedding section for a few dollars. The movers will help put them on if you need help.

MIRRORS/GLASS – Bubble wrap mirrors and glass, and either put cardboard around the edges or put them in a box with the corners of the items protected. We charge $10-$20 to pack each item depending on the size. We recommend letting the professionals do this.

PLATES, DISHES, and GLASSWARE – Pack plates and dishes vertically. It’s cheap and efficient to put Styrofoam plates or cardboard between your dishes.   Stuff glassware with packing paper and wrap the outside.